Honking for Heroes helps show strong support for metro’s frontline medical workers


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They need all the encouragement they can get.

Medical workers on the frontlines of the pandemic are still working long hours, and one metro hospital encouraged supporters to assemble and make some noise.

Joyful noises are hard to miss around St. Joseph Medical Center on State Line Road.

For the second time since March, hospital staff and their contributions were celebrated by people from the community who parked in the hospital’s parking lots and honked their horns for an extended period of time.

The Honking for Heroes event proved again to be a success. 

“Luckily, I haven’t had COVID yet,  so I thought I’d come support them,” Doug Kean, who lives near St. Joseph Medical Center, said. “They need it a lot because everybody can’t have relatives over, and they can’t let people into the hospital to thank them, so this will work great.”

Hospital leaders said the arrival of a series of COVID-19 vaccines offer them hope. St. Joseph Medical Center CEO Jodi Fincher said the hospital’s staff appreciates these displays of grace from the community they serve — even fun, noisy ones like this one.

“We’ve had three surges now with COVID, and each surge has been heavier and heavier. This one continues. We don’t see an end in sight probably through January. At this point, we have more COVID patients in the hospital than we have since this began,” Finch said.



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