KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Betty White’s passion rests in the animal world and a legacy that will carry on. Her fellow animal advocates are turning her passing into a positive.

The friendly voice that spent decades making people laugh has a legacy that carries on, blessing animals in her memory.

Legendary actor Betty White passed on as 2021 came to a close, less than a month before her 100th birthday. The eight-time Emmy winner was known as much for caring for creatures as she was for her wit and timing.

“People are jumping onto this trend to support what Betty loved,” Wayside Waifs manager Casey Waugh said.

Social media channels show traces of White’s kindness. The Betty White Challenge encourages White’s fans to donate to their nearby animal shelters in White’s name. The challenge encourages donations as small as $5, since small efforts can make big impacts.

“She wanted to share that love with humans too,” Waugh said. “She wanted someone to make her laugh and smile and to be compassionate and kind.”

Waugh’s shelter has already received more than $1,000 in White’s name since her passing two weeks ago.

“She’d made comments that animals were there to support you, and they never left her side, and we should do the same for them,” Waugh said. “It’s kind of the mantra we have here at Wayside Waifs, knowing that animals are wonderful beings and they all have that soul inside.”

At KC Pet Project, Tori Fugate said more than 14,000 animals were cared for last year. Many of which benefitted from the kindness of donations.

“It says a lot about her as a person,” she said. “Everyone’s wanting to do something as kind as to donate to help animals due to the fact that she loved animals. We anticipate we’ll see more donations as we lead up to her birthday.”

White would have turned 100 on Jan. 17. Both the animal shelters accept donations through their websites.

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