Horribly timed cable outage causes some fans to miss seeing Chiefs' AFC history


PARKVILLE, Mo. — Chiefs Kingdom waited 50 years to see the Chiefs make it into the Super Bowl, but not everyone was able to watch it.

There was a cable outage, and fans in the Northland like Vivian Hatfield were impacted by the horribly timed event.

Hatfield was actually the flight attendant who helped take the Chiefs to the Super Bowl 50 years ago.

“We were rooting and hollering,” Hatfield said. “It was a party all the way down and a party all the way back!”

That’s why she was so upset when her only option to hear the AFC Championship game was by radio. Right before kickoff her phone, internet and cable, provided by Spectrum, went dark.

“I just wish I could’ve watched the game,” Hatfield said. “It’s so typical Spectrum.”

The majority of neighbors on Hatfield’s street in Parkville said they missed the game, too.

A spokesperson for Spectrum tells FOX4 fiber optic cables were damaged by a third party, and that’s what caused the outage.

“Well, it was horrible because we had been looking forward to it,” Hatfield said.

Down the road, Ranchos Grandes Cantina had about a dozen TVs freeze. They have the same cable provider.

“My heart just dropped,” owner Joe Jennings said.

He had to think quickly because several customers were walking out the door.

“It was panic,” Jennings said.

He and his staff scrambled to Best Buy to get a few antennas for their TVs.

“I was sweating, panicking, couldn’t wait to get back,” Jennings said.

In the meantime, Jennings’ employee and nephew Jason Jaycox found out how to stream the game with a cell phone.

By the end of the first quarter, Jennings was back and the antennas were hooked up. It was like the Chiefs just scored a touchdown.

“I just put my hands up, and everyone started screaming and hollering,” Jaycox said. “It was just crazy.”

Hatfield wasn’t so lucky. She said Spectrum offered her a $2 refund — but you can’t put a price on missing the Chiefs punching their ticket to the Super Bowl.

“They just ruined something wonderful for a lot of people in the Kansas City area, and there’s no fixing it,” Hatfield said.

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