Hospital in Clinton diverts ambulances because of “potentially infectious patient”

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CLINTON, Mo. — A potentially infectious patient’s arrival at the emergency department at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton Tuesday prompted the hospital to divert ambulance traffic.

Through the utilization of routine screening, medical personnel quickly identified the potential risk and implemented Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocol to ensure the safety of patients and staff, the hospital said through a news release late Tuesday night.

While treating the patient, the emergency department was on diversion to ambulance traffic. An alternate emergency site in the hospital was established to treat patients who sought care during this time.

After consultation with appropriate authorities, the patient was transferred to another facility.

There is no risk to patients, staff or community members interacting with or seeking care at GVMH, according to the hospital.

“The quick action of our staff helped a patient receive timely and appropriate care,” chief executive officer Craig Thompson said. “I would like to thank the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and state and local law enforcement agencies for their assistance. GVMH’s highest priority is the health and wellness of our community and I’m proud of how our staff and providers responded.”

The hospital has not indicated what disease or ailment the potentially infectious patient may have or what symptoms the patient exhibited. It’s also unclear where the patient was transported.

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