Hospitals anticipate more injuries as people continue to light fireworks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hospitals expect more injured people to make their way into emergency rooms as the fireworks to continue into the long weekend.

FOX 4 checked with a few area hospitals to see how many injuries they’ve had as of Friday afternoon.

The University of Kansas Hospital had already treated 17 people for fireworks-related injuries. Six of those were serious enough to be admitted.

“They are devastating injuries,” said Kayla Norhrop, a registered nurse and burn unit educator from University of Kansas Hospital.

The youngest victim was a 17-month old child.

Children’s Mercy Hospital treated between eight and ten kids since the holiday weekend began.

Northrop said she has seen burns from people stepping on sparklers. Kayla Northrop said she’s seen fireworks tipping over and then the mortors causing other explosion and igniting clothing and causing burns.

“Our blast injuries are more people holding the fireworks in their hands and then igniting them when they are holding them,” Northrop said.



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