Hours after baby’s birth, Belton couple’s car stolen full of newborn items, Christmas gifts


GRANDVIEW, Mo. – Before a Belton, Missouri, couple could bring home their second child from the hospital, their car was stolen from a gas station parking lot.

“It’s crazy because, the baby was born and then boom, two hours later, the car is gone.” said new father, Devante Mason.

Just days after Christmas, the couple’s greatest moment tainted by a thief.

The car, a 1998 four-door gold Saturn, was stolen at Quik Stop on Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Mason said he went to the convenience store to buy snacks; he left the keys in the ignition.

“I was going to get us some snacks and stuff for the hospital. I went in there and I was rushing to get out. I was only in there less than a minute. The video footage shows I was 53 seconds in the gas station. That’s how quick it happened,” Mason said.

The footage also shows a person loitering near the door, before driving away in Mason’s car.

Mason said the car was full of newborn items and Christmas presents from when they rushed to the hospital for the unexpected delivery.

“I’m pretty sure they would know we were having a baby. There were pillows in the car, blankets, all kinds of different stuff that shows that we were heading to the hospital to have a baby,” Mason said. “The stuff that was in the car probably was worth more than the car. It wasn’t like a Mercedes, Benz, or Tesla, but it got us to where we had to go, took us to what we needed to do.”

The growing family is home with one more addition and one fewer car, also their only means of transportation.

They’re still holding on hope for good news about their vehicle.

“I’ve even had someone come pick me up so we can drive around and try to find the car, no luck,” Mason said. “We would really like to get the car back. We have baby appointments to go to. I was working. Just for me not being able to travel, to get there when I need to for these babies and for us, it’s really hard.”

Grandview police are investigating this auto theft. If you have information or have seen the car, contact police.

The Mason’s started a GoFundMe they say would go towards a new car and to replace supplies for their baby. If you would like to donate, click here.

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