Hours-long standoff had Kansas City neighborhood on edge; suspect surrendered


KANSAS CITY, Mo — The Kansas City Police Department was engaged in a long standoff Tuesday near East 58th and Indiana that had neighbors on edge.

Tactical officers dressed in protective uniforms had all sorts of equipment and armored vehicles in front of the home as they worked to take a wanted, armed felon into custody.

Neighbors nearby watched the scene as it developed.

“It is a little disturbing living in the neighborhood,” said Lowell Duke, who stayed inside of his home while talking to FOX4.

The standoff started around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday when officers spotted a man they knew had a felony warrant. He ran into a nearby home of people he knew and would not come out.

When police found out there were others in the house — and that the suspect was armed and making threats about harming himself and others — they called a standoff.

During the over 4-hour standoff, six people came out of the house, which left the man inside by himself. He surrendered peacefully after police negotiators talked him into coming out.

KCPD Officer Donna Drake said negotiators focus on listening and talking with suspects in these situations with respect.

“Whatever is happening, they are going through a crisis at that time, and they need to be heard, too,” Drake said. “So having that open line of communication and reassurance that we want them to be safe as well I think is what ultimately brings these things to a peaceful resolution, which we couldn’t be happier for.”

During the standoff, neighbors were asked to leave or shelter in place because it wasn’t safe for anyone to be near the scene, especially those in the immediate area. Duke said he felt OK sticking around, but if he lived next door, it would be a different story.

“(If) it was me personally, I would leave. I wouldn’t stick around. I mean, probably because eventually they’re going to storm the house anyway, one way or another. Let’s hope he is alive not dead.”

Duke got his wish — but officers didn’t need to storm the home. The suspect was successfully arrested, the six others in the house are safe, and no officers were hurt. KCPD has not released the name of the suspect or the circumstances surrounding his warrant.

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