How a tip, a cadaver dog and a radar led to a dig into a 20-year-old KCK cold case

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Police are digging into a disappearance case 20 years old — literally.

Heavy machinery was brought late Tuesday, Nov. 3 to assist a dig that, until then, had been mostly done by hand. It’s all an effort to uncover what police said they hope is new evidence in the case of Star Boomer, a 39-year-old woman was last seen in February of 1999 at a bar near 49th Street and Metropolitan Avenue.

“We’re not going to leave any stone unturned,” Det. Tiffany Bergdorf, with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department, said. “We’re here. We need to verify we have done everything in our power to follow up on every lead that we have gotten.”

A tip, a cadaver dog and a radar scan

It started as a tip from a man who saw Boomer in the barroom the night of her disappearance, detectives said during a press conference. That man, who police kept anonymous, led detectives to a field near South 49th Street and Barber Avenue, which used to be the site where Star Boomer once lived with a boyfriend.

Once police had the location, they used a cadaver dog to search the area. The dog alerted police that something might be underground.

“[It] doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a body there, but there’s more likely than not that there’s something the dog was interested in that could be either the same or a similar scent,” Det. Shane Carpenter said.

Later, a radar geological scan showed that there was in fact something buried underground. Police believe whatever it is lies 3-4 feet underneath the Earth’s surface.

This major effort started on Nov. 2. Police said they expected it to last four days, wrapping up the dig on Thursday, Dec. 5.



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