How to keep your home dry during rainy weather, prevent flooded basements


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Persistent rain in recent days has led to flooded basements for many in the Kansas City area, and that has plumbers on the run.

Those plumbers will tell you prevention is key.

APW Plumbing operations manager Keith Ford told FOX4 there are three things the company receives calls for the most during rainy weather. Faucet problems, water heater malfunctions and faulty sump pumps.

That last one is an issue many homeowners don’t realize can be a big problem, leading to flooded basements.

“It’s sad because you run into houses. The basements are soaked,” Ford said. “The people are stressed, and they should be.”

He said prevention is important when making sure your home stays dry during wet weather.

Make sure your sump pump is clean and have an extra on hand to quickly replace if required. He said this can help homeowners ensure they’re not stuck with a mess in their basement.

Another tip, Ford said, is adding a few gallons of water before the season begins to make sure the sump pump is working before it’s too late. Homeowners should also inspect their homes before the rainy season begins, although it can be quite expensive.

“Sometimes it’s hard to spend that money. They don’t want to. But investing now, that will pan out in the future and save you a lot of money.” Ford said.

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