KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As very cold weather gets ready to sweep across the Kansas City metro, experts are sharing some tips on heating your home and ensuring your pipes don’t freeze. 

It’s something at the top of many people’s minds in the Midwest with a winter storm warning ahead this week.

Malinda O’Hara awakened throughout the night because her house felt like an ice box.  

“It’s about to be the coldest week of the year, and I woke up to a temperature of 58 degrees in my bedroom,” O’Hara said.

That’s when she called R-Mech.  

She knew the temperatures this week were going to be frigid to say the least. The wind chill later this week could approach 40 degrees below zero.

“First they need to check their air filters and make sure they’re not built up with dust and debris,” HVAC technician for R-Mech Braden Knox said.

Knox said along with checking those filters. It’s important to check your carbon monoxide units and check that your thermostats are in order.

If you can, have a furnace tune-up and run the furnace before the cold front arrives so you’re not caught by surprise. R-Mech is expecting to see a more than double increase in calls just this week.

“We’ve had tons of calls recently this week. We’re going to have tons of calls. People’s heaters are going to go out,” Knox said.

Along with making sure the heat is working with temperatures soaring to new lows this week, it’s crucial that you do everything you can to prevent your pipes from freezing, including disconnecting the outside hose, which could cause serious damage.

“Turn your water on to a slow trickle, make sure you have movement throughout the home. Think of it like a cement truck. They’re constantly circulating. Once they stop, it’s going to harden,” R-Mech general manager Justin Musterman said.

“Check on your neighbors, check on your friends and make sure you’re keeping your pets inside,” O’Hara said.

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