How to revive New Year’s exercise resolutions that are dying this week

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KANSAS CITY, MO -- According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook data show that this is the week when New Year's resolutions to exercise start fading. Facebook check-ins to gyms or fitness centers start dropping around the third week in January.

YMCA veteran Eric Hill sees it every January.

"First timers, I call them, from the 1st to the 31st. Valentine's Day, we won't see them again. They'll be gone," said Hill.

The crowds of people wanting a fit, trim body are already thinning out.

"By the second or third week, life happens, so they go back to work, they're doing their chores," said Robin Jordan, a vice-president of YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

Jordan says you can can keep going. Just reset your resolution. It may have been too lofty.

"So don't try to go to the workout facility saying I'm gonna work out every day. Maybe two times a week," suggested Jordan.

Also, don't get your body barking.

"They work out and they're so sore they don't want to come back the next day. They can't move. They're discouraged by that. Just take it a little bit at a time," she said.

Jordan also says don't get turned off if the euqipment you like is taken. Find another time to exercise or try different equipment.

"Try different classes as well. Different workouts. I always tell people that what keeps it exciting and inspiring and motivating is you do something different," she said.

For many, the accountability and comraderie in class will keep them coming back.

"They were very welcoming and I think exercising with a group makes it a lot easier," said Margie Richcreek who joined classes this month.

Also, don't compare yourself to the buff bodies at the gym.

"It's your body and be the best that you can be," said Jordan.

Hill says he "just wanted to stay healthy." That's kept him coming back.



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