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LOUISBURG, Kan. -- Most everyone has the occasional case of "the blahs." One graduating student at Louisburg High School has never taken "a mental health day" -- or any other unscheduled break for that matter.

"I've been coming here every day," Louisburg High School Senior Dylan York said.

When York says every day,  he means every single day.

As his classes wrap up at Louisburg High, York has the locals chattering. During the 13 years of his education, the graduating honor student has never missed a single day of school -- or been counted as tardy.

"I don't really feel that sick," York said. "It isn't much work just being here."

Dylan says he's never allowed himself to skip school -- or even take a legitimate sick day.

Teachers say the 17-year-old is so dedicated, he even showed up for class on a Friday morning after suffering a broken leg during a soccer match the night before.

"I just came to school on crutches thinking it was a sprain," York said. "A doctor ended up giving me an emergency surgery on Friday night so I didn't have to miss school."

Temptation has been there. He says friends have asked him to take a day off, but his family beliefs won't allow it. Dylan says his mother hasn't missed a day's work in 25 years.

"If you're healthy, why waste it?" Dylan asked. "Why waste that day?"

"I remember during his freshman and sophomore years, he was one of the first kids in the building," Dave Tappan, Louisburg High School principal said. "I'd see him in the commons around 7:15 in the morning."

"I can't believe he's made it," LHS student Bailey Aiken said. "It's such a great accomplishment. I don't understand how he hasn't been sick."

Dylan officially graduated this past Saturday and the accolades didn't end with the diploma.

A representative from the office of Kansas State Senator Pat Apple confirms that a special resolution honoring Dylan's attendance record was due to be presented in the state legislature on Friday.

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