KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another huge piece of property, long-undeveloped in the Kansas City metro, is going up for sale in Clay County.

This is a follow-up to a story FOX4 brought viewers recently that explained how one group has made the decision to sell 1,800 plus acres of land in Lee’s Summit.

Now the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is putting an additional 530 plus acres up for sale in the Northland.

The space in its current use is farmland surrounded by overgrown woods.

Its southeastern border is formed by Shoal Creek Parkway while I-435 and 152 Highway contain most of the property to the North.

It’s a giant footprint near major off-ramps.

“Developers have been reaching out to the ownership of these properties and asking them ‘What can we do? Can we get something done? Can we get something done?’ And they say ‘No, we’re holding the land. We’re holding the land,'” Bill Maas, vice president for Block & Company, said. He is a realtor for the property.

“Well now they’re ready to sell,” Maas said.

The land joins the acreage in Lee’s Summit which is along I-470 on the northside of town.

In Clay County, development possibilities are still in the realm of the imagination.

“It’s such a unique piece of property that I think it’s going to be forced to make the developer make this a high-end deal – both residential, both high-end retail, things of that nature. And things that are important to the surrounding communities that could benefit them,” Maas said.

“Heck, there’s not even a sign on the property yet. So, there’s a lot of things that go into this. And I think these things take time as well,” Maas said.