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OAK GROVE, Mo. — A few weeks ago FOX4 told you about a mother of six who died of COVID-19. Her family asked to get the word out about their need for breast milk and FOX4 viewers came through.

Megan Richards’ family said the response from the community is overwhelming. Moms across the country came together to help little Myles have some sense of normalcy.

The bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. Myles Richards got to know his mom, Megan, for the first four months of his life.

His aunt, Brittany Taylor, said Richards loved her son so much. She would be over the moon to know people went out of their way to help Myles.

“I don’t think my sister knew how much she was really loved. I think she’d be really, really overjoyed,” Taylor said.

Megan died from COVID-19 nearly one month ago. She had a husband, Michael Richards, and six children. Her youngest, baby Myles, was still breastfeeding when she passed away.

After FOX4’s story, Taylor said hundreds reached out from across the metro and the country.

“With just your story, we’ve had people from Texas and Minnesota. I had someone from Indiana the day asking, but all over the Metro really, I’ve talked to women from Platte City. I’ve talked to women from Leawood,” Taylor said.

Moms like Taryn McNelly and Melissa Gerke.

“It was just a great feeling just because not only can I see my own daughter but helping someone out that led to such a tragedy. I couldn’t even imagine dealing with that,” McNelly said.

“I can’t even imagine what they’re going through. I hope this makes their life a little bit easier, maybe a little light shining through when it’s really dark,” Gerke said.

Both women donated around 300 oz. each and say around five oz. makes a bottle. One family even donated a freezer to help take care of the volume. Taylor says they are grateful for each women’s donation for Myles. While he will never get his mother back hundreds of moms are making sure he’s taken care of.

“It’s been hard to even start our grief process, so that we can be there for the kids and put the pieces back together when she was such an intricate part. She was the glue that held the family together,” Taylor said.

While there has been an outpouring of help the family still needs donations, especially breast milk that can be freeze dried and stored.

The family set up a GoFundMe page to help Michael and the kids get through this difficult time.

Anyone able to help with breast milk donations can reach out by email to Megan’s sister Brittany Taylor at, or Lisa at