KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Supreme Court decision of striking down the Roe V. Wade abortion ruling has set in motion a variety of moves at the state level.

Some states started taking action immediately to enact bans, including Missouri.

Some feel like the Supreme Court ruling is criminalizing health care. Others believe abortion is murder and are celebrating the decision.

A rally for abortion rights was held Friday evening in Kansas City, Missouri near Mill Creek Park.

There were hundreds of people there for several hours. FOX4 saw a group of people head down through the Country Club Plaza holding signs that said things like “my body, my choice.”

“If people want a choice, choose before with the sex,” anti-abortion supporter David Penny said.

“The patriarchy has got to go,” the crowd at the rally chanted.

Sadness and anger at the Plaza — about 400 people met to protest the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

“Women are going to die because of this and children are going to be forced into lives that are horrible because of this,” abortion rights supporter Kim Petty said.

Kelsey Walker was 17 weeks pregnant when she had an abortion. Her daughter had a lethal genetic disease, which threatened Walker’s own life.

“The fact that I had the choice and other people won’t have the choice makes me angry and makes me enraged,” Walker said, “but honestly, it makes me sad because i think of the kids I have now that would grow up without their mom.”

It was a much different reaction in Shawnee, Kansas at the Value Them Both offices. Their grassroots effort is still in full force. Despite theft and vandalization, people continue to put signs in yards and magnets on cars looking ahead to August 2.

“I think that we are excited, but we also know that in Kansas we have so much work to do,” Value Them Both Director of Policy and Engagement Brittany Jones said. “Voting yes will mean that our Kansas constitution will be amended so that the people of Kansas can protect moms and babies.”

“There’s been a dramatic change in our culture, I think, to not protect the innocence,” Penny said. “That’s what our laws are basically here to do – protect the weak people and the innocent and I consider the unborn children as innocents.”

“Without value them both, our state is in a very bad place and it’s not something that most Kansans agree with,” Jones said. “So, we believe that no matter what people believe about the question of abortion that people from all walks of life, all faiths, all beliefs can vote “yes” to protect moms and babies.”

“What authority do you have to come into my doctor’s office and tell me what I can and can’t do with my body? Petty asked. “It’s ridiculous.”

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