Hunter Pence sign sensation takes over one Prairie Village yard

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — A woman in Prairie Village is tarnishing a Giants player’s reputation, one sign at a time.

…Well, shes trying.

She’s put dozens of anti-Hunter Pence signs in her yard.

One reads: “Hunter Pence didn’t call his mom on Mother’s Day.” Another says: “Hunter Pence drinks banana daiquiris… with a straw.”

She’s put them all out the past couple of days and says she cant stop.

“I can’t stop them from coming. It’s an illness like a disease. I just thought of one as I was walking out from the house. (And what was that?) Hunter Pence doesn’t eat Captain Crunch because it cuts up the roof of his mouth,” Rachel Raile said.

This is actually a national trend. It started in New York by a Mets fan.



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