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Patrick Mahomes (Photo courtesy Hunt’s Ketchup)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hunt’s Ketchup has signed the ketchup-loving Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a spokesperson, the company said.

Details of the deal haven’t been released yet. But Mahomes did share the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, writing, “Focused on football and the next several weeks, but excited to join the Hunt’s Ketchup family. More to come in the off-season.”

With that announcement was a video of Mahomes lifting weights with a bottle of ketchup in between his bicep and forearm. The curls forced the bottle to squeeze ketchup onto a plate of macaroni and cheese below.

Mahomes’ love of ketchup came to light in an ESPN report published in November that revealed the young quarterback likes ketchup on — everything including steaks.

Mahomes told ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham that he loves the condiment so much that people would get him bottles for his birthday, but recently he has tried to cutback on ordering it while in public.

During a recent meal with his mom, she ordered it and slid it to him because he was too embarrassed to order it himself.

“Just ask for it. I know you want it,” Randi said to Mahomes as he began to eat his steak.

That spurred Heinz Ketchup to offer the 23-year-old Heinz for life, but he and his teammates need to score a few more touchdowns to get it.

“You give us 57 (passing) touchdowns, we’ll give you Heinz on your steak for life,” Heinz tweeted.

Mahomes currently has 45 touchdowns going into this Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.