Husband of Missing Woman Admits Wife Needs Medical Help

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s the third time Molly Jones has disappeared since November. Her husband, Leighton Jones, 27, said she suffers from a medical condition that makes her confused, but doctors haven’t been able to diagnose her.

Molly’s family reported her missing Wednesday night after she literally ran out of her house, leaving behind her father, husband and children.

“When she’s good, she’s good,” Jones said. “She can take care of the kids and be a good mom and come home and interact and have fun, but now she’s started to get to the point where she’s running, and she’s too quick.”

Jones said when Molly ran out of the house Wednesday night, he and her father ran after her.

“By the time we both jumped up and ran outside, there was no sight of her,” he said.

Jones said Molly has suffered for years from a medical condition that causes her to hear voices and become catatonic. When she’s confused by her surroundings, she runs off. Jones said after the birth of their third child Molly’s condition improved, but she continues to black out and wander off.

“The doctors have gone through multiple diagnoses because her conditions have constantly changed for almost a year now, and they’ve been treating her for partial complex seizures,” Jones said. “But they can’t get her stabilized on medication because she keeps having these episodes.”

Molly’s parents moved to the area to help take care her and her children, but her husband admits even with the extra help, Molly’s condition has progressively worsened and that changes have to be made — a reality that’s difficult for him to admit.

“It’s just hard to make that call because she’s still a human being and just because people have issues going on mentally doesn’t mean they’re not fit to live a normal life, or at least try to.”

Prior to Wednesday night, Molly walked away from the University of Kansas Hospital on Saturday. She was located two blocks away on Monday after she knocked on a woman’s door and asked for help. The longest Molly has been gone is seven days.

Molly is described as a white female, 5’4′ and 155 pounds with red hair and blue eyes. The Overland Park Police Department is patrolling the area where she was last seen in cruisers and on foot. They ask if you see Molly, call them at 913-895-6300 or dial 911.



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