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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Teenagers on a violent crime spree across Hyde Park have put neighbors on edge and an 18-year-old behind bars.

Davion Bivens is now facing four felony charges for two robberies, stealing a car during an armed carjacking, and resisting arrest by leading police on a high speed chase.

Prosecutors said police also arrested four other people under the age of 18 for their involvement, but since court documents for minors are kept private, it’s unknown if any of them have been charged.

Most of the incidents happened Sunday in or around the Hyde Park area and surrounding neighborhoods. Police told FOX 4 of at least three cases that day in which young men or women approached people asking for directions – only to assault and rob them.

Devin Burns’ roommate was one of those victims, who told police a teenage girl approached him as he sat in his car just outside their home on Harrison Street.

When he pulled up his Maps app to try to help, the victim said Bivens showed up and began beating him in the head and face – stealing his phone and then trying to take his car.

The victim fought back and got to safety, but it’s left a mark.

“He was definitely a little bit weathered,” Burns said of his roommate. “He was just sitting in his car, kind of like, I think he was shocked because after we took him to the hospital and everything, he was just kind of shell shocked and couldn’t remember phone numbers or things like that.”

“So I think he was just obviously not expecting something like that to happen just sitting in your driveway.”

Prosecutors said Bivens is responsible for at least one other violent robbery that night, in which teen suspects asked a victim for directions before hitting him and taking his wallet.

They said Bivens also led officers on a high-speed chase in a stolen car taken during an earlier armed carjacking. Court documents show he told investigators he eluded officers because he knew the car was stolen and he “had nothing to lose.”

“It does rattle me a little bit,” Burns said, “just because you`re at home and not realize that somebody could be out there trying to hurt people. It makes you not want to trust the people that are walking down the street.”

It’s a sentiment other residents can relate to, including Ruth Schmidt, who was the victim of a Hyde Park home invasion last fall.

“For me personally,” Schmidt said, “I knew it was pretty serious when I was afraid to be in my house by myself. That feeling is, the one place where you should be safe when you don`t feel safe, that`s not okay. And a lot of my neighbors were feeling the same way.”

Schmidt said the crime numbers in Hyde Park have been on the rise and it’s inspired her to take action.

“The continued efforts right now are working on either a volunteer patrol,” she said, “that was one thing we were talking about, or we`re looking at getting security cameras installed.”

Schmidt detailed her plan in an earlier FOX 4 story and is now encouraging people in her neighborhood to help improve safety on their streets by joining the Hyde Park Home Owner’s Association.