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KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Post offices and delivery companies are still recovering from the explosive 2020 holiday shipping season.

Plenty of Kansas Citians say they are waiting for mail or packages to arrive that should have been delivered before Christmas.

“I ordered masks for my kids, Christmas, in like October, and they just got here last week. It was just a headache” said Erin Thurman. ”Everything’s been good up until the last couple of months, and things not come in, delivering to wrong places.”

Thurman said she has waited weeks for some packages, some never coming at all.

“It just falls off. It disappears. It vanishes. I’m like, I don’t know what to do,” Thurman said.

According to ShipMatrix, 3 billion packages were delivered within peak holiday season, 800 million more than 2019.

A spokesperson for Fedex said the COVID-19 pandemic and shipping records both contributed to delays. 

In a statement to FOX4, the company said, “We are proud of nearly 600,000 team members who worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible service this holiday season in a challenging environment. As we move into a new world of expanded e-commerce, FedEx will continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the demand.”

According to data from ShipMatrix, UPS led the industry in on-time delivery performance since Oct. 1 working to navigate a 23% increase in returns.

“It will show up when it shows up. Eventually I might ask for a refund and just order something else,” Thurman said.

Thurman said she doesn’t blame the delivery workers, realizing the volume this year is simply overwhelming.

Advice from those working to get your package to you? Be patient.

USPS in Kansas City released the following statement:

“Shippers across the board were challenged with airlifts and trucking capacity for moving historic volumes, causing temporary pockets of delays. As is our duty, we accepted all volumes and our employees rose to the occasion to deliver for America. This epic volume was also amplified by employee availability challenges and necessary COVID-19 policies designed to keep our employees and our communities safe.

As a convenience to our customers, all Priority Mail packages have a tracking number and can be easily tracked on our website at

We echo the thanks of so many of our customers who are saluting our dedicated employees who proudly carried out their duties to the American public. They are to be recognized for their service during the pandemic, an intense election season, and now this record-setting peak season.