‘I need to get out there’: Volunteer refused to stop and found missing KC boy’s body


Hammond, Ind. — A volunteer kayaker spent hours over the past week searching an Indiana river for a missing 12 year-old boy from Kansas City.

Monday evening, he made the discovery he dreaded, but nearly everyone expected.

Brian Smith found the body of Kyrin Carter in the water near the Hammond, Indiana, hotel he wandered away from last week.

Kyrin had autism and was visiting the area with his family.

Hundreds of police officers, family members and other volunteers spent countless hours over the past 11-days looking for the missing boy.

That included Smith.

“I heard about this story and I wanted to come out and spend my time to find the missing child,” Smith said during a news conference Tuesday morning.

Smith said he started by searching the the riverbank, but noticed plenty of other volunteers had the same idea. That’s when he decided to take a different approach.

“I had a kayak and access to water. I did that all week,” Smith said. “Speed up and down the river.”

No one found Kyrin, but the volunteers didn’t quit. Smith returned to the water Monday after working a 12-hour shift.

“I thought, I need to get up there again. I dropped the kayak in about 3 p.m. bring the thing down the river, stopped a couple of times,” Smith said. “Then it started to get dark outside, so I figured, I’ll take one more pass.”

That’s what needed to happen. Smith located Kyrin’s body in an area of the river he’s already been through multiple times.

Searchers called police and officers flew drones over the area. After they determined it was Kyrin’s body, divers entered the water to retrieve him.

Searchers and police said it wasn’t the outcome they’d hoped for, but they were glad to do what they could to help Kyrin’s family.

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