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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Seigel family’s foundation Team Luke Hope For Minds is changing lives for families who are affected by severe brain injuries.

“Every single day it seems like or every week we have an applicant, which is good and bad. People need our help,” Tim Siegle said.

One the foundation’s biggest supporters, Siegle said, is Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s someone that we knew when he was in college, and he’s kept with it,” Siegle said.

Siegle was a tennis coach at Texas Tech University, according to the Team Luke website, which is the same school Mahomes played at.

“The fact that he’s the MVP of the league, going to be a Super Bowl champion soon, and someone that responds to text messages and says that he’s praying for Luke and Luke means everything to him, and so it’s hard to really put into words.”

It’s not just personal texts and calls. Mahomes actively helps raise money for the foundation by sporting Team Luke cleats and bracelets during games.

“The very first time, I noticed that he was wearing it in a game was when they show before the handoff, and I got text messages, and then I sent a message to him and said, ‘Hey, I didn’t realize you wear it,’ he goes, ‘I never take it off.'”

During the Patriots game this fall, his bracelet broke. Immediately after the win, Mahomes sent Siegel a text asking him for a new one, because he can’t play without it.

“He’s bringing awareness to our organization. Team Luke Hope for Minds supports children after brain injury, and someone like a Patrick Mahomes, not only widely known of course but widely respected. It means a lot to us and he’s done more than I could ever imagine.”

On Feb. 2, look for that Team Luke bracelet as Mahomes and the Chiefs play for another win on the field. It would be another win for the foundation, too, as Luke and his dad cheer him on.

“I will watch it with Luke probably in his bedroom, kind of a special place where I get to hold Luke in the chair we watch the game together, but I will do the play-by-play with him like I’ve done for the last four and a half years.”