‘I want it gone’: South KC woman frustrated with deer left decaying in backyard


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tracie Thomas says she’s waiting for a deer carcass in her backyard to be disposed, but the wait is going on far too long.

“Basically the deer just been in the backyard decaying. A horrible smell on my block for almost a week,” Thomas said. “When I came home last night, there were raccoons, possums back there.”

Thomas said she first spotted the deer resting in her backyard last week at her home near 87th Street and Winchester Avenue. She suspected it had a broken leg, police later came to euthanize the animal. She was promised someone would come pick up the carcass.

After a week, she said the carcass is still there.

“I called animal control because they told me they could get it if it was deceased, and they said, ‘No, we can’t come and get it. Yu have to call solid waste.’ They [solid waste] told me they couldn’t come and get it unless I dragged it to the curb,” Thomas said. “I can’t drag a whole deer to the curb.”

A spokesperson for KCMO Animal Control tells FOX4 they do not remove large wildlife.

A representative for Lakeside Nature Center said the window of opportunity to pick up dead animals is short.

After a number of calls, FOX4 was able to help Thomas make a claim through Dead Animal Pick-up on the city’s 311 line and schedule for the animal to be removed.

“It’s just been frustrating, and I am getting the run-around. I tried for a whole week,” Thomas said. “I want it gone just because I know it’s back there. It’s disturbing. It looks horrible. It’s disgusting.”

Dead Animal Pick-up said the carcass will be removed within three days.



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