‘I wish I could have been there for him’: Former partner remembers fallen Overland Park officer


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — He trusted him with his life, and now Officer Brian Caniglia is mourning his former partner, Officer Mike Mosher, who died in the line of duty Sunday. 

Caniglia, who now serves with KCPD, cut his law enforcement teeth when he and Mosher patrolled the streets of Overland Park. 

“He would be there for a call, text, in person, anything like that,” Caniglia said. “He’d give you a big hug, tell you you’re doing a good job or he’d help try to correct you if he saw something that was going wrong.”

He said they bonded as partners, especially after responding to a man shooting an AK-47 at an Overland Park apartment complex in 2018 together. 

“Without each other, it was a different outcome altogether and I might not be here — he might not be here. And so we saved each other that night,” Caniglia said.

So the news of Mosher’s death last weekend hit particularly hard for this metro officer. 

“The thing for me was, I wish I was there for him again,” Caniglia said Wednesday. “You know, he needed, he needed someone else there with him, and I wish I could have been there for him again.”

Mosher was killed Sunday on his way to work. He saw a hit-and-run crash near 123rd and Antioch, called it in and followed the suspect to 123rd and Mackey where he pulled over the driver. 

When Mosher approached the vehicle, the suspect pulled a gun and gunfire was exchanged. Both Mosher and the suspect, Phillip Carney, died. 

“He did exactly what Mike would have done, and he did it very well. He protected the community. If he wasn’t there, we may be talking about a different story,” Caniglia said. 

Mosher’s wife and daughter now have to adjust to life without him, something Caniglia said they won’t have to do alone. 

“We’re always going to be there,” he said. “A phone call away, text, visiting in person, just anything that they may need and we’re going to be there.”

Mosher’s funeral is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 13, but it’s not open to the public.

Overland Park police said there will be a way for the public to honor him this Sunday. More details will be released soon. 

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