‘I worked hard for that car’: Independence woman witnesses SUV stolen from her driveway


UPDATE: Independence woman who witnessed SUV get stolen from driveway says vehicle has been found

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence woman’s car was stolen from her driveway Monday morning with her standing just feet away.

Home surveillance video shows what appears to be an orange Dodge Challenger pulling up to the home off South Westport Road. A person in black gets out, and in just seconds, they drive off with Brandy Warren’s 2017 Nissan Armada.

Warren had started the car to warm things up for her 5-year-old daughter, Ella, before they left. She was standing near her garage, only about 12 feet away, at the time.

Warren’s purse and other belongings were inside the stolen SUV.

“The hardest part for me was I knew what my next intentions were was to put my daughter in the vehicle, and I think that was overwhelming for me, even though I know she wasn’t in the vehicle but it just kind of hit me,” Warren said.

Warren said the crooks tried to use her cards at a local casino and haven’t been seen since.

She said a possible sighting Tuesday in Overland Park came up empty, but the police department there said it does see more of these cases this time of year as people are trying to warm up their cars.

They said in 83% of their car theft cases, the keys were left in the ignition or in a place easy for the thief to get to them.

Warren hopes someone has seen either vehicle and can turn these people in, saying this feels personal.

“I worked hard for that car. It’s paid for. That was my vehicle, and somebody, just a complete stranger just walks up and takes off with it,” Warren said.

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