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SAN FRANCISCO — The Victorian home made famous by “Full House” and “Fuller House” is no longer on the market.

The three-story four-bedroom home has sold for $5.3 million.

“Full House” creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin had owned it since 2016 and put it on the market last summer. He had intended to make it look exactly like it did on TV, but neighbors opposed renovations due to a potential increase in tourists.

In the end, the building permits got pulled, and he was forced to sell.

According to property tax records, the home last sold for $4 million four years ago, and the tax assessment alone for 2020 was more than $63,000.

The home of the fictional Tanner family has been an off-the-record tourist destination for years. In 2015 actor John Stamos – who starred on the show as Uncle Jesse – went undercover at the home as a tourist himself.

While the opening credits make it seem like one of the Alamo Square Painted Ladies that appear in many San Francisco postcards, the home is actually located about a mile north on Broderick street.