Icy start to Tuesday, Dec. 29, with freezing rain, sleet, and snow


A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for many areas around the immediate metro and northwest. This begins Tuesday morning during a time when thing may begin to get slick.

Initially on Tuesday morning, I expect us to start off with some light snow or snow flurries. This really won’t cause much of an impact at this time, it’s going to be the icy precipitation that begins later on that will cause us more issues throughout the day.

As the precipitation intensity increases, expect this to begin as sleet (ice pellets) and gradually change over to a freezing rain. That will create that icy glaze on untreated surfaces throughout the metro. Note the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark by mid morning.

If you have plans to be on the road during the day Tuesday evening, I expect conditions to gradually improve as temperature warm up just a bit. This will help us transition to a cold rain overnight.

Specifically on Tuesday, your timeline is as follows: things beginning to get slick just after sunrise.  Sleet will begin to fall and a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain continues through mid afternoon.  As temperatures continue to rise, this will change to a cold rain and our threat for slick conditions will be over.

We may see a brief changeover to some very light snow behind this as temperatures get cold again by mid morning Tuesday as colder air moves back in.

Impacts with this part of the system will be lower, but still may be felt during the midday hours as most of this precip exits off to the SE. Expect a light accumulation in the grass in some locations, with all of us drying out later in the day Wednesday.

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