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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two people are now charged with three counts of murder after a shooting Thursday night in Kansas City.

Friends and family said the murders feel so random and senseless. All three victims had been friends for years.

KCPD officers patrolling around 9 p.m. near 46th Street and S. Benton Avenue when they heard the gunshots. As they rolled up to the scene, they said a woman, now identified as 35-year-old Lynnsey Jones, was holding a rifle and getting into a car.

Lynnsey Jones and Victor Sykes

A second gun was found inside the vehicle. Victor Skyes, 43, was arrested running from the house.

Investigators say 40-year-old Larry “LB” Barnes was shot dead in the street. The door of the home was open and inside, his girlfriend, 38-year-old Brandy Jones, and the couple’s friend, 42-year-old Rhonda Jones, were also shot and killed.

Lynnsey Jones told police she didn’t know the two women, but had smoked pot at the house and had gone there to buy drugs.

She heard Skyes and Barnes fighting outside, and witnesses heard Sykes tell Lynnsey “shoot him, baby, shoot him,” while punching Barnes on the ground.

Friends of the victims are now praying for peace.

“Cooler heads have to prevail, and we all have to take a look at what’s best for all parties involved,” said Don Baker, a friend of all three victims. “And get a common interest so we can find out and come to some kind of resolution and everyone can go into their grieving process without any more of the nonsense and madness that’s going on.”

Police asked suspect Lynnsey Jones why she shot all three victims. According to court records, she told them “because I’m a bad person.”

When the shootings happened, Sykes was already on parole for a previous murder.

Both Lynnsey Jones and Victor Sykes are now charged with three counts first-degree murder and armed criminal action. They’re each being held on a $500,000 cash bond.