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WELLSVILLE, Kan.– Newly released court documents reveal what investigators believe happened between a teenager and a Kansas lawmaker inside a Wellsville High School classroom.

Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel was substitute teaching in the art classroom at the high school on April 28. He is charged with two counts of battery for what prosecutors say happened that day.

According to witness accounts, videos, and the affidavit, Samsel talked about the wrath of God, the devil and other topics during fifth period that day. Video showed Samsel pushing a student into a wall and yelling, “I’m going to unleash the wrath of God on you.”

The court documents show that Samsel admitted he was losing his temper because one of the teenagers was goofing off and wouldn’t follow directions during class.

Samsel said he became more frustrated after the student ignored him several times when he was told to go to the principal’s office.

The teenager told police he thought Samsel was kidding until Samsel grabbed his shoulders and pushed him up against the wall.

Court papers reveal Samsel admitted touching the student’s shoulders, but he claimed he gently placed his hands on the teenager’s shoulders before gently releasing him.

Samsel said the victim continued to get into his personal space and refused to follow his directions. He told police that he told the victim several times that he would “kick him in the balls” if he didn’t behave.

That’s when Samsel told investigators “I had a crystal-clear moment and I swear to God and the camera, that God said ‘Yes,’ that is what I was supposed to do.”

The victim told investigators that Samsel kicked him in the groin, and that he was in pain for 10 to 15 minutes. Officers also took pictures of possible road rash the size of a golf ball on his right shoulder and a scratch on his left shoulder.

When investigators told Samsel about the injuries, he responded by saying the teenager embellished what happened. He continued saying, “I think he stepped into me and I think he bumped me.” Samsel also said that he thought maybe the victim bruised “softly” but that “God works in mysterious ways.”

When investigators asked Samsel to explain, he told them that he knew a girl in the class was going to take a video of what happened. Samsel described it as something “that is going to look crazy to the world.” He told police he didn’t think the girl would use the video against him, but that he believed the girl would use it for “a higher purpose.”

Samsel also told investigators that he did not kick the young man, and that the teenager embellished what happened. He said, “I did it just enough to and I don’t even know if I made contact” to be honest.

Samsel pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces last week. The court also ordered a mental health evaluation. Samsel is scheduled to be back in court on July 12.