‘I’m still scared’: Metro woman’s ‘number neighbor’ exchange turns dark quickly

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – A Blue Springs woman had quite the scare over the weekend when she got a series of text messages from a stranger who identified as her ‘number neighbor.’

This Blue Springs woman shared her story about a ‘number neighbor’ whom she recently had a scary encounter with.

Delana, who asked only to be identified by her first name, was home Saturday evening when her phone started pinging.

“My phone kept on going off and off and off,” she said. “I thought maybe it was my husband sending me something.”

Delana didn’t recognize the phone number. She said the messages started cordial but quickly escalated into something more sinister.

The mystery texter wrote Delana saying, “I will find you and I will kill you.” She was terrified and told the person they had the wrong number.

The person responded saying, “DON’T TEST ME” and later apologized citing their “split personality.”

“I’ve done psychology in college. Those can go too far, especially if someone is not on their medication,” she said.

One of the woman’s text exchanges.

The person made several sexual references including calling Delana their “future lover” and “little care [bear].” They also asked if she was “male, female or furry.”

The person ultimately told Delana they were her ‘number neighbor’ – someone who has the same number, but the last digit is off by one. The mom of two didn’t understand the reference.

“If this was a joke, it’s not funny,” she said. “You could’ve sent me a joke and that would have been fine, and I wouldn’t have never taken it this far.”

Delana said she called the police, who advised her block the number and to call back if she noticed any suspicious behavior around her home. She also turned off the location on her phone.

“I’m still scared,” she said. “I still make sure every window is locked in my house, every door is locked. I’m still scared he could come find me.”

Delana said she doesn’t want the person who sent the messages to get in trouble, but she does want to warn people about the viral trend. She hopes people will think twice about what they send to strangers.

“I think jokes are fine if you want to do the neighbor number thing but doing it to the level of threatening, it’s not a game at that point,” she said. “I have family. I have children. That’s too much.”

The ‘number neighbor’ trend took off on Twitter in August, with people sharing screenshots of their conversations. Most of them appear to be light-hearted.



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