‘I’m under here!’ KCK boy trapped under Jeep in his bedroom after drunk driver plows into home

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A nine-year-old boy was trapped under a Jeep in his own bedroom after who police say was a drunk driver plowed into his home.

It happened at 2 a.m. Tuesday at South 52nd and Hagemann streets. It took the KCK Fire Rescue Squad over an hour to free the child.

“At first I was just screaming cuss words at him. I’m like, ‘What the flip dude? I’m under here!'” Jamison Langley said.

One moment, he was up late watching YouTube and the next moment, Jamison was pinned underneath the Jeep.

Unable to move and having trouble breathing, Jamison said he was thinking of his Guardian Angel.

“My dad passed away in January so, and I hoped that didn’t happen to me and if that did, at least I would be with him,” the 9-year-old thought.

The boy asked his dad for help.

“‘Get me out of here,’ mainly. Just that and, ‘Dad, I’m scared,’ quite a lot,'” he recalled.

A paramedic named Chris stepped in for Jamison’s dad, keeping the boy calm, reassuring him everything would be OK.

“He was talking to me and making sure I could feel everything,” Jamison said. “He had asked me some stupid, easy questions like who is the president and all that kind of stuff.”

Jamison has a message for the driver in his mid-40’s, who police say was drunk and driving so fast that the family’s doorbell camera didn’t pick him up until he hit the house.

“He trapped me under his Jeep for over an hour in my bedroom, and everything in there is destroyed,” Jamison said. “Thanks to you my bunk bed is destroyed, my dresser is destroyed, my room is destroyed. If you are seeing this, this is all your fault.”

Somehow Jamison got out of the traumatic incident with just cuts and bruises, but his stuff did not fare so well. Besides everything in his room, his bike, which had been sitting on the front lawn was also damaged.

One of the things the fourth-grader was most upset about is that his PS4 was destroyed. He was hoping to replace it with an X-Box, but insurance will only cover the PS4.

Jamison said he can live with that.

There is a bit of good news. Jamison’s prized recorder that he played during the school year with the Kansas City Symphony was found intact while he surveyed the damage.

Besides that, he said he feels lucky to be alive.

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