Impeachment vote announced for Bates City mayor following investigation


BATES CITY, Mo. — Remaining Alderman in Bates City, Missouri will have a special meeting Wednesday for purpose of reviewing and voting on a resolution to implement the impeachment process of Mayor Shawn Fox.

The Lafayette County city only has a little over 200 people but the departures from the government offices with an alleged hostile work environment have been mounting. The city is now hiring a city collector and a court clerk.

At Tuesday’s Special Meeting Alderman Donnie Hammond resigned. Reached by phone he declined to give a reason for his resignation.

Now it looks like the mayor could be forced out.

Mayor Pro-Tem Roy Trussell said the city had concluded its investigation of the mayor, including a leaked recording of someone using the N word, people in the city believe to be Mayor Fox.

He then read an announcement saying, “Bates City does not condone racism, discrimination retaliation bullying harassment of any kind or a hostile work environment.”

Finally, he announced a special meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. to review and vote on a resolution to implement the impeachment process of Fox.

“If it comes to impeachment that’s probably exactly what we’re going to have to do. I hope that’s not the case I hope before such time he reconsiders and resigns,” Trussell said.

“It’s in the right direction for the town, I believe this town deserves better,” said Brittany Riley, who was wearing a specially made t-shirt to the meeting calling on the mayor to resign.

Fox wasn’t at Tuesday’s meeting and hasn’t responded to voicemails or knocks on his door requesting for comment during the investigation.

Bates City Board of Alderman called for the investigation into the mayor after the city’s police chief came forward with several allegations. Fox was supporting an agenda item at the time calling for the city’s police department to be disbanded.

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