In an ironic twist, Weston’s gingerbread Notre Dame Cathedral damaged by water


WESTON, Mo. — In an ironic twist, a gingerbread tribute to Notre Dame Cathedral was damaged by water.

Photo courtesy Lisa Stiffler

The gingerbread creation, which is housed at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Weston, was meticulously crafted by Lisa Stiffler and her husband Phil, along with friend Lori Mathews.

It has generated a lot interest, but this Saturday it was damaged by water.

“Saturday night, water came rushing out of the hot water heater,” Lisa said. “It hit Notre Dame, and it was halfway across Parish Hall.”

Photo courtesy Lisa Stiffler

Luckily, after being dried out with a dehumidifier, the gingerbread Notre Dame is still standing and will be on display through Jan. 6.

The real Notre Dame in France caught fire in April. It will likely take up to five years to fix the damage.

It’s an irony that’s not lost on Lisa Stiffler.

“We had a fire and then a flood,” she said.

Viewing hours for the gingerbread cathedral are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Friday.

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