In case of Prairie Village woman missing since summer, investigators have difficult task

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – The investigation into where a missing 51-year-old woman is has now entered its second week.

The last time Angela Green was seen was in July. Someone just reported her missing last week, but no one's seen her since last summer.

Police aren't saying much about the investigation so FOX4 spoke to a retired FBI special agent in charge about how officers might approach an investigation like this.

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“The first thought is it's highly suspicious,” Michael Tabman said. “The police are now left with a very difficult situation.”

The most difficult thing about Green’s missing persons case is that she was reported missing eight months after she was last seen.

Recreating her history will be a challenge.

“Eight months later, people aren't going to remember, ‘Did I see her on this day or that day?’" Tabman said. "They are not going to remember little things that she said that might've been important then but they have forgotten about eight months later."

And any physical evidence of a crime has most likely disappeared with time.

Concerned neighbors reached out to Green's daughter at college asking about her mom, and they got a surprising reply by text.

"She said her dad told her that her mom had died of a stroke in July but that she thinks that may not be the case,” one neighbor said.

Police said they're getting conflicting statements about Green's disappearance. Tabman believes at this point, it's being investigated as a homicide.

“Irrespective of anything else, we always know the husband is going to be a suspect,” Tabman said. “Again, not conclusive, it doesn't mean he did it, but they always look at the husbands or boyfriends first. But now we have a husband who's not giving credible information such as not reporting his wife missing or saying she died, but we have no indication of that.”

Police have to work backward, checking cell phone records, bank records, talking to family, friends and neighbors.

Orange door hangers in the Priarie Village neighborhood near 76th and Tomahawk where the Greens live were left behind by detectives canvassing the neighborhood Thursday.

“On the surface, it looks like a homicide,” Tabman said. “Again, eight months and the daughter didn't know much about it -- that's a red flag. But this wouldn't be the first time in my life or my career that we've seen this were a woman just leaves to flee her husband.”

Green is from China. Tabman believe most likely the FBI is involved to see if she may be there.

“So it will be tough with everything going on in China with the virus, but they will go to family, friends, logical locations to see if she's alive," he said.

Tabman said if police don't get significant evidence of a crime, this case could go cold quickly and drag on for years.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Angela Green, call the Prairie Village Police Department at 913-642-6868 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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