KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another Kansas City fire truck was involved in a crash Monday afternoon. It’s the second crash involving department vehicles in less than a week

It follows the December crash that left three dead when a pumper truck slammed into a small SUV in Westport. 

All three incidents not only involve the same fire department but the same fire station — Station 19.

“It was very loud it was loud enough to stop us from cutting,” Latisha Love said who works in the area and heard the crash and saw the aftermath. “We just looked through the window and I could see a fire truck kind of like on the end of the curb.”

This crash comes on the heels of a wreck just over a week ago when a KCFD ambulance and a battalion chief collided while their emergency lights were on.

In images provided to FOX4, it shows the extent of the damage, shattering the front windshield of that EMS vehicle.

It was just last week that the driver of the KCFD pumper that killed three people in Westport less than a year ago agreed to an arbitration agreement of more than 30 million dollars with the families who lost loved ones.

Each incident is under internal investigation and each incident is under investigation by the Kansas Missouri police department.”

Kansas City Fire Department

For Love who was a witness to last night’s crash, the idea of this many crashes with this many lives affected by those sworn to help when called is alarming.

“It’s very much a concern life is very important and if it’s more training or more needs to be done we need to figure out how to do that,” Love said.