Independence elementary teacher uses Chiefs playoff hype to make math lessons fun

Countdown to the Big Game! #RUNITBACK
February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Students at one Independence elementary school are hard at work learning all the basics. This week, their math lessons were a little more fun that usual. They solved problems in “Chiefs Math Playoffs.”

Lizzy Williams brought the educational game to her third-grade class at Abraham Mallinson Elementary School.

“I’m a big Chiefs fan, so we’ve been really working on addition really hard, and it was time to review. So why not connect the two and make it a fun and engaging activity?” Williams said.

Most of the students in Williams’ class on Tuesday wore red for the Chiefs. She wore a referee’s shirt.

“They’re each drafted into a team, and they get to roll a die, and that die tells them how many yards they get to attempt their pass for,” Williams said. “And if they complete their addition problem then the pass is complete, and they go that many yards.”

After a touchdown, students got to solve an additional problem for an extra point.

“It’s way more fun than a regular paper,” said Miley, a student in Williams’ class.

The students got to collaborate with their teammates. Many of them will watch the Chiefs take on the Colts this Saturday.

“I really hope that obviously we pull through and get the win but also that my kids take this passion that they have for learning right and continue it in the classroom,” Williams said.



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