Independence family serves warning about man on the prowl pretending to be with security company

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence family says a scammer is on the prowl in their neighborhood, and they’re speaking out. They say he`s pretending to be with their security company ADT, in order to steal vital information.

Safety and security is important to Doris Ehoeschele. That`s why when she got a knock at the door Tuesday night, she decided to let the man in her home.

“It was a professional guy and he was going around the neighborhood checking out ADT systems to make sure they`re in working order,” said Ehoeschele.

He told her that her four-year-old system needed to be upgraded.

He checked all of her panels, and showed her upgrade options, which she said looked just like ones used on a website pointed out an ADT scam.

That`s when Ehoeschele noticed her first red flag.

“His laptop had cracks in the screen, and I thought that was kind of funny,” said Ehoeschele.

The technician, who called himself ‘Steve,’ didn`t seem to know any of her personal information either. When he asked her for information that was too personal, Ehoeschele showed him the door.

“He wanted my credit card information. My bank stuff and then of course I was like, uh no. The little warning signals I`m getting, cause I`m thinking something`s not right, something`s not right,” she said.

At the urging of her daughter, Ehoeschele called ADT and her suspicions were confirmed.

“The first thing she said was that we would never send anyone to your house without calling you first,” said Ehoeschele.

She didn`t give ‘Steve’ her banking info, but she did tell him the secret security code you give if your alarm has been tripped, call a shout out code.

“I was kind of afraid that he was going to break in. I didn`t know if he was a robber that had just scammed me on everything,” she said.

Fortunately, ADT changed her security code. She says they say her system was working fine, with the exception of a needed battery change. She says ADT told her they don`t need to check her system in person.

It’s not clear at this point is the man who showed up at her door was the Vision Security LLC, which has been involved in several lawsuits with ADT for allegedly trying to poach ADT’s customers through deceptive business practices.

Several victims and potential victims claim the Vision employees made them believe they worked for ADT and got them to unknowingly sign contracts with Vision.

Ehoeschele and her daughter say ‘Steve’ was parked so far down the street, they couldn’t get a description of his car. They believe he might have been dropped off in that neighborhood. The number he gave begins with a “385” area code which is mainly used for Salt Lake City, Utah phone numbers.

Vision Security is based in Orem Utah. If you’re an ADT customer, and you want to avoid deceptive sales scams, click this link.



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