Independence family still reeling from the pain of shooting that claimed dad’s life

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — It was a future stolen in one moment when a 17-year-old shot a man trying to break up a fight over a fender bender. Selfless, always smiling, a family man and father of eight is how people describe 46-year-old Eliud Lisboa.

A makeshift memorial is now in the place where the dad collapsed and died after being shot while trying to break up a fight at Hawthorn Place Apartments. While his family says that is brings them comfort that e was so loved, it is also a sad reminder that this father and husband is never coming home.

“I wish I had stayed with him longer that morning,” said Maria Lisboa Hernandez .

She says her husband wanted to stay in bed the morning he was killed. After they started their day there was a commotion outside of their home. Lisboa went out to try and break up the argument.

“My husband was like that. He would try to talk to you and say calm down, there is no need, no need to argue, no need,” Maria said.

It was an argument over a fender bender that happened several days before. Lisboa’s 15-year-old son Antonio was standing next to his dad as he tried to calm the crowd.

“All of the sudden, just one of the guys pulled out a gun and shot my dad five times,” Antonio said.

“That animal, dressed like a kid started shooting and my husband, he tried to make it to me, and he collapsed by the tree,” Maria said. “I saw his blood, because I was with him until they pulled me away from him.”

She held her dying husband.

“I went crazy, I went crazy, I am going to be honest with you,” she said.

Antonio says he lost control, and tried to get revenge.

“It’s just hard, it is hard to see your father bleeding out on the ground,” he said. “I got a hand gun and I went behind the dude who shot my father, I didn’t get him. I could say I failed, but I am not disappointed in the fact that I failed, but I am disappointed in the fact that I did what I did.”

“My dad always wanted me, all of us to be good, keep our head straight, keep our mind straight, keep on going to school, graduate and do everything we have to do. What I am doing is just not letting my daddy’s death be in vain. Just following what he wanted me to do and making him proud even though he is not here present,” he continued.

Prosecutors charged 17-year-old Antonio Stocker III with second degree murder, first degree assault, and two counts of armed criminal action in the deadly shooting. He’s in jail on a $150,000 bond.



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