Independence family urges caution after stray firework nearly causes car to explode

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Kelsey Dettman's new car literally went up in flames on Sunday night as she sat inside her apartment.

"There’s nothing wrong with the side of the car. It’s more over here. The grill is burned and it took quite a bit to fix but it was starting to go up under my engine where my motor was." Dettman said. "My son was like ‘your car is on fire.’ I was like ‘no, it’s just fireworks. Don’t worry about it.’ He was like ‘no, you car is really on fire.’ So I went and looked and it really was on fire."

Dettman said people were shooting fireworks in a nearby parking when a stray flare caught the grill of her car on fire.

"It was a simple firework. Just one of the candles you hold in the air and it caught my car on fire fast," Dettman said.

Carrie Honorowski, Dettman's mother, said she is grateful her daughter is still alive.

"The fire department, when they came they said that she was really, really lucky because the fire was going up and was almost to her engine, and so her car would have exploded," Honorowski said.

Honorowski said she is a fan of fireworks but feels this is an example of why people need to be careful.

"Fireworks aren’t toys. Drinking and fireworks don’t mix well and people just need to be safe. The parking lot of an apartment is probably not the best choice," she said.

Dettman hopes there aren't any other close calls this 4th of July.

"Just don’t do it around cars because they could blow up and somebody might not be as lucky as me," Dettman said.

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