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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Some of the best tasting tap water in the country can be found right here in the metro.

The water in Independence won fifth place in the Berkeley Springs Water Tasting.

Dozens of wells pull water out of an aquifer at the Courtney Bend Water Treatment plant in Sugar Creek.

Since it comes from a natural underground spring, it’s already pretty clean. They don’t need to put in a bunch of chemicals. First, they add lime to take out the iron. Then they add two other chemicals to it before sending it to your home.

“We add chlorine and ammonia and the good news about adding the ammonia is it removes any taste of chlorine so you won’t taste, it won’t smell like a pool or taste like a pool, the water is very good tasting,” Water Services Director Dan Montgomery said.

The water goes out to more than 250,000 families — all of Independence, as well as parts of Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs.