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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Sometimes the most important items aren’t valuable in dollars and cents. An Independence man says the motorcycle he built with his dad was stolen Wednesday. 

Jesse Glidewell’s motorcycle isn’t new, or flashy, but it took two years to put together. Two years full of memories between a father and son. 

Glidewell likes to build stuff. He’s a carpenter by trade but enjoys all kinds of projects. 

“I just get to use my hands, and I can stay focused. It keeps my mind off of everything else,” Glidewell said.

The greatest thing he’s ever built was the pieced together old school Honda CB 750 with his dad. 

“I looked forward to it. I would ask him all the time if he would have spare time, and when he would I would come out there immediately we would just laugh and get our hands dirty, and figure things out, and bust our knuckles up. It was great. I loved it,” Glidewell said.

On Wednesday, while Glidwell was at work he said it was stolen. He went to pick his son up from school in the afternoon and realized it was gone.

“I can’t buy another one of these. It’s priceless. It’s irreplaceable,” Glidewell said.

However, it’s not the first time. Glidewell said two other cars were stolen from his home. He thinks the thieves came back for the motorcycle. 

“I had to tell my dad it got stolen, and I told him — I don’t like to think about it. I just pretend it didn’t happen basically because I’m really tore up about it,” Glidewell said.

Officer John Syme with the Independence Police Department said thefts like these are the worst.

“We try to encourage people to do anything they can to avoid being in these situations,” Syme said. “Don’t think about the value that it has to someone else. But think about the value that it has to you and protect it in that way.”

Glidewell said he hopes someone sees it or it can be returned. 

“It would mean everything. It’s the only bike out there. It’s the only one. The only one that I want,” Glidewell said.

If you know anything about Glidewell’s bike reach out to Independence Police at (816) 325-7300.

He said he will probably never see it again but hopes someone can find it in their heart to bring it back in one piece.