INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A 20-year-old Independence man said he’s just happy to be alive after he was carjacked at gunpoint at a grocery store off Noland Road. But he’s also upset about losing the vehicle that had sentimental value to him.

Dominic Haber pulled up a photo of his 2009 white Toyota Camry on his phone. He said his late great uncle gave it to him before he passed in 2020.

“He knew I didn’t have a vehicle at the time,” he said. “He wanted to give that to me before he passed. That car really meant a lot.”

Now that car is gone after it was taken Tuesday night during a late-night run to Price Chopper on Noland Road. He said he noticed two men lingering outside the grocery store but really didn’t think anything of it.

“When I went out to the car, I did a little peek to see if they were still there, and they were,” Haber said.

As he was opening the front door of his car, Haber said he heard footsteps behind him. It was the two men.

“He pulled out a gun from his waistband, a handgun, and pointed it at me. He said, ‘Do you have your phone, your wallet, got keys? Give me all of it,'” Haber said.

Haber obeyed their demands and put his hands up as the two got away with his car. Then he called Independence police to make a report.

He said he’s hugging his mom tightly and thankful he can embrace her again.

“I didn’t know if I was going to see my family again,” he said.

“As soon as he got through the front door, I could feel him shaking,” his mom, Andi, said. “He grabbed me and I just grabbed him. We just embraced. I thank God that he looked over my son.”

Haber noted his car had a Miami Dolphins and a Phoenix Suns magnet on the trunk. It also had Missouri plates with the number ZD1 V4N.

If you have information about the car, you are asked to call Independence police. The agency said the case is still under investigation.