Independence now offering free saliva-based coronavirus testing


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Residents of the Kansas City metro concerned about coronavirus exposure are now able to spit in a tube and get results back in as little as a day.

The City of Independence has begun saliva-based testing, offering different locations around the city to distribute the non-invasive procedure. The tests are open to everyone, symptomatic or asymptomatic, according to a statement from the city.

Those who want the test must register on the city’s website. The time slots are spaced 15 minutes apart. Participants then arrive at the designated location, do the test themselves and then get results back within 24-48 hours.

Register on the City of Independence COVID testing page.

The first three dates, times and locations are as follows:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Cable Dahmer Arena from 2-7PM
  • Thursday, Oct. 29 – Santa Fe Park from 2-7 PM
  • Friday, Oct. 30 – Adventure Oasis Parking Lot from 2-8 PM.

More times will be announced at a later date, both on the city’s website as well as their social media accounts. Officials plan to have testing available five to seven days a week.

Jackson County is also offering testing. That information can be found on the county calendar.

Testing in Independence is made possible through volunteers. Anyone who wants to be a volunteer can do so in the city’s volunteer portal.

“Testing is a key part of our regional COVID-19 response and we are proud to help provide this resource to our citizens, and those working and visiting Independence,” Mayor Eileen Weir said in the statement from the city.

The tests, 1,000 each week, are bought using CARES Act Funding. The city received $6.9 million through the Jackson County allocation. The tests will used $1 million.



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