INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence mother celebrated a brand new playground that reopened in honor of her two children who were killed nearly 20 years ago.

The new playground at Heritage Park in Jackson County bares the name of ‘Sam and Lindsey’ who were killed by their father in June 2004.

A playground full of joy and laughter. That’s all Sam and Lindsey Porter would have wanted, and nearly 20 years after their tragic deaths, there is now a playground in honor of them.

“I have so many emotions rolling around in me. It’s just, I’m happy, I’m very happy. I’m very happy. Just happy tears. This is so neat,” Tina Rinne said.

Rinne is the mother of seven-year-old Sam and eight-year-old Lindsey who disappeared in June 2004 following a weekend visitation with their father, Dan Porter.

Porter was found guilty of kidnapping back in 2006.

A year later, a tip led police to Sugar Creek, where the children’s remains were. Porter was later charged with two counts of first-degree murder in their shootings.

Rinne says she holds their memory in her heart and now, at this new playground.

“It doesn’t go away. You’re right. It never goes away, but it does get easier. People used to tell me ‘how could it ever get easier?’  But it does,” Rinne said.

At the Special ribbon cutting and re-dedication of the playground, she spoke about finding forgiveness while sharing some humor about getting down the slide.

“The playground is beautiful. I gotta tell you, I love the playground and I can’t wait to be the first one to get on one of those big slides slide down it because I’m going to get my big butt up there and try.

“To be a part of this, and be able to give back to Tina and her family, and honor her children the way we are today and I mean, just seeing her, and seeing how happy she is and how proud she is and, and knowing that we exceeded her expectations, it really makes us feel good as a park system,” White said.

Now, this park can serve as a place of happiness for Rinne or a place to reminisce on her two children.

“They can have those quiet moments that they want to have some times and, knowing that this is in honor of her children.”