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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Police continue to investigate a weekend shooting in Independence that killed an 8-year old boy.

Investigators won’t say much, but they are calling it an accidental shooting. Independence Police spokesperson Jack Taylor said police are not looking for a suspect.

It happened around 7 a.m. Saturday off N. Liberty Street near Nickell Avenue.

Neighbors near that area said they were awakened by the noise of first responders on Saturday morning. One neighbor said she saw police officers working hurriedly on the crime scene, as they worked urgently. The child died at a hospital on Saturday.

FOX4 tried contacting the people who live in the rental house in question on Monday, but no one answered the door.

Leaders with the nonprofit Grandparents for Gun Safety addressed situations like this one on Monday. Judy Sherry, the group’s leader, said two-thirds of gun-related deaths in the United States that affect children each year could be prevented by gun locks. Sherry said her group has given away at least 5,000 of them.

“A little kid wouldn’t see a gun on the coffee table or stuck between the couch cushions. Kids are curious. They will find it. They will look. Parents think their kids don’t know where their guns are, but they will find them,” Sherry said Monday.

Taylor said detectives will likely send the results of their investigation to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office by Tuesday at the earliest.