Independence teen heartbroken after ‘Night to Remember’ gets called off

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The prom for people with special needs 15-years-old and up has been cancelled due to lack of donations.

“Dancing is my favorite,” three year attendee Hannah White said.

Hannah got her dress, shoes and jewels with her mom and sister one week before they looked online and saw the sad news.

“This would have been the fourth year going,” Hannah said. “So it was really sad finding out that I couldn’t go.”

Hannah is 1 of 65 guests who registered to attend. Then, found out her senior prom was no more.

“Due to lack of funding
,” ‘A night to remember’ Board President Glenn Haagar explains.

Between event space, food, decor and background checks on the 250 volunteers, Haagar says the event costs about $13,000. The show can’t go on with only $4,000 in the bank.

“I can’t do an event if I don’t have the money,” Haagar said, “And that hurt.”

Leah White hurts for her sister.

“A lot of them can’t go to their actual school proms because they don’t have as much support,” Leah said. “Or the buddy system, like they do at these dances.”

Hannah said ‘A Night to Remember’ allows her to dance the night away – worry free.

“I just feel safer at these proms because there’s people like me there and the reason I don’t like going [to the school prom] is because I feel like I would get bullied and I don’t want to get bullied,” Hannah said, “I just want to have fun.”

Haagar said that extra support, costs more money, money they didn’t see in donations this year.

“We’re not giving up. We’re going to be back next year. We’re going to do and try to do everything we can to make sure we get it.”

Haagar said the money they didn’t use for this years prom will go towards next year’s event. If you would like to donate or offer any help to make this year’s prom still happen, head over to their website.



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