Independence woman apologizes after racist Snapchat threat toward metro student and mother goes viral

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — After a metro mother received a racist threat through her son’s Snapchat, the woman who sent is apologizing.

“It was so wrong of me to say those things about that kid, about his mother and about their father. I didn’t mean those things,” she said.

After some back and forth, Chelsea Renee, 22, agreed to meet with FOX4 to explain why she sent the racist Snapchat to a Blue Springs South student that involved his mother, who lives in Lee’s Summit.

“I was upset, and I wanted to hurt him because my friend’s brother was jumped,” she said. “I was told that the boy I sent the video to was there.”

Last week FOX4 met with the mother of the student who received the Snapchat. She said racial tension at her son’s Blue Springs high school escalated to a physical fight off campus between black and white teen boys. One boy was severely injured.

 She said her son was not involved in the fight. However, fight or no fight, the mother said racist threats are never appropriate.

Pulling her phone out to show FOX4 the Snapchat, we saw Renee say, “You’re a N*****, and I’m going to slit your mom’s throat and F*** your dad, you N*****!”

Now, deeply regretting her actions, Renee said that, once the Snapchat went viral, she started getting death threats.

“I don’t want to go out to the mall or wherever and end up in the hospital for one mistake that I made,” she said. “I was drunk, and it’s not an excuse, but that video doesn’t reflect me. I’m not racist. I have black friends.”

Renee said that this was a learning lesson that brought her attention that she never wanted.

“I’ve been getting messages from racist white people saying they agree with what I said in that video, and I need them to know that’s not what I’m about,” Renee said. “I said some vulgar things, but I’m not racist.”

FOX4 asked the mother if she wanted to meet Renee in person to receive the apology, but she declined.

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