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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — One Independence woman no longer feels safe as a man tried to break in while she wasn’t home.

The terrifying moment was caught on Jana Pontious-Baker’s Ring Doorbell camera and she’s thankful she wasn’t home when the incident occurred.

“I feel completely disrespected, and I just don’t even feel comfortable in my home now, and somebody just invaded my privacy, but what I think is even more frightening is that I could have been at home,” Pontius-Baker said.

Pontious-Baker works from home, but Monday, when this happened, she was out running errands. She came home to a trashed living room and broken door.

“It’s a special order door. I’ve got to have the frame, everything replaced. And there are holes in my wall. There are burn holes in my carpet because he had a few smokes and some empty booze bottles.”

While he only took a TV—she says he took so much more from her—her sense of security.

“I’m getting an alarm system. More than just a ring doorbell. Cameras out back, cameras out front, a panic button. You know, just expenses that I never felt like I needed before.

Since the incident, she’s filed a police report with the Independence Police Department. She hopes he’s caught before he acts again.

“I worry that maybe he’s done this before or it would be something that he will do again, and sooner or later, that could escalate and somebody could get hurt. And that’s that’s frightening.