INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The best haunted house in the Kansas City metro might just be in the backyard of a suburban Missouri home. And yes, it has a name.

The “Yard of Terror” has been scaring kids and families in Independence for the last 13 years.

It has twist and turns, witches, clowns’ graveyards and more. It all started as a five-minute walk through. Now it’s turned into a must do every October.

“Now it’s gotten so big, I’ve got 23 rooms now, well 24 rooms now,” Mike Gordon, founder of Yard of Terror, said.

The set up all in Gordon’s backyard. Thirteen years of scares and pure terror that keeps the people coming back for more.

“This weekend we decided to bring our kids so they can try it out. It’s actually pretty good, decent, more than what you expect,” one guest said.

FOX4 asked another guest what makes it so special. His response, “The guy at the end, the owner, the chainsaw and then it’s just donations,” he said.

You heard that right, getting scared for all the right reasons. While the maze of fear is meant to knock you off your rocker.

It is free, but Gordon and his girlfriend take donations every year from people who wish to donate. That money going back to kids at Children’s Mercy.

“I want to give back, give to somebody that needs it. I’m not endowed with a lot of money, this has never been about me. It’s having fun and bringing the experience of the haunted houses,” Gordon said.

So, best believe, no matter who you are, you’re going to walk out with a scare. Cause that’s the goal, right?

“A good time, fun and you know get the hell scared out of them. Honestly, I’m just being honest,” Gordon said.

You still have time to come check it out the rest of this weekend and next.