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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After you snap that next pic, you might think twice before uploading it to Instagram. The popular photo app announced a new policy allowing them to sell your photographs, without paying or telling you, CNET reported.

The only way to opt out of the new policy is to delete your account prior to Jan. 16, when it goes into effect. After that, users don’t have a choice.

Under the new policy, Instagram could use your photos for anything — including advertising — and not having you see a dime. Essentially, it can, and probably will, become the world’s largest stock photo archive.

“Facebook’s new rights to sell Instagram users’ photos come from two additions to its terms of use policy. One section deletes the current phrase ‘limited license’ and, by inserting the words ‘transferable’ and ‘sub-licensable,’ allows Facebook to license users’ photos to any other organization,” CNET said.

The about-face comes just three months after the app was gobbled up by Facebook.

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